Velevi Pharma - Gerisan, Laksilin, KoKoBo, Gerimak, Barsa, ApergaVelevi Pharma - Gerisan, Laksilin, KoKoBo, Gerimak, Barsa, ApergaVelevi Pharma - Gerisan, Laksilin, KoKoBo, Gerimak, Barsa, ApergaVelevi Pharma - Gerisan, Laksilin, KoKoBo, Gerimak, Barsa, Aperga


In help of prophylactics and treatment of inflammations of the urinary tract (pielitis, pielonephritis, cystitis)

Inflammatory processes frequently occur in the pathology of the urinary tract. At young age problems predominate mostly with women and at advanced age – the disease is monitored equally in both genders. It undergoes usually with temperature, unpleasant sharp cutting or scorching pain in the area of the waist. With inflammation of the urinary bladder (cystitis), the pain is low down to the public bone and accompanied by frequent urges for urination. Often, the disease runs dramatically.  Specialized medical help is necessary. Usually the treatment is carried out with wide range of antibiotics and spasmolytics.

In the case, it would be proper the product Barsa to be included being a combination of three medicinal plants, having relation to the prophylactics and treatment of inflammatory processes of the kidneys and of the urinary tract. Then the treatment effect is much more categorical and durable, the side (toxic) effects of the administered medicaments are much lower as well as the time, necessary for recovery of the body from the disease is much shorter.

Barsa contains extracts from leaves of white birch (Betula alba L), leaves of bearberry (Arctostaphyllos uva-ursi L) and roots of elder (Sambucus ebulus L).
The extract from the leaves of the white birch have expressed diuretic effect (increase in the discharge of urine) while simultaneously it increases the release of sodium and chlorine ions. This is due to the content of flavonoids and of potassium nitrate. The increased dieresis means increased blood flow through the kidneys and this accelerates the healing processes. The extract from the leaves of the bearberry has uroseptic effect, due to the phenolic  glycosides - arbutin and methyl- arbutin and this action is more expressed in alkali medium. This is why in the capsule of Barsa sodium carbonate is included.

The extract from the roots of the elder have diuretic and antimicrobic effect. All aforesaid biological effects of the extracts of these medicinal plants have the capacity to impact in positive direction the healing processes in inflammation of the urinary tract and bring about to its more complete recovery. If we take them preventively, these herbs can protect us from the aforesaid maladies.

This is a gift from Bulgarian nature to us.